How to decorate the wedding in this way, that it will provoke the admiration of the guests and newly-weds? We are here to help you in this and the different decorations, with which we are equipped for every occasion – wedding, banquet, anniversary, birthday….

Our agency has all necessary factory and technical possibilities for the realization of the brightest and bravest ideas.

We can take care of the wedding bouquet, buttonhole, the formation of the wedding cortege, the decoration of the hall with vivid flowers, clothes and other materials. With a composition of balloons we will contribute to a positive mood in all guests, and with a heart of balloons we will tell your feelings to your beloved one.

Hanged from the ceiling balloons, banners with wishes of the guests, candles, colorful ribbons will supplement the interior with originality and fest mood.

Describe your wedding and we will offer you varieties for arrangement. Absolutely everything, from the invitations to the colorful compositions can be executed in the chosen from you style and color.

All that will be made in accordance with your wishes and consequently budget.

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